About Us

My passion and my journey to wellness began about ten years ago. Like many people it started with a very personal health issue. I was diagnosed with Lyme after quite a few months of unexplained health issues that appeared out of nowhere. I treated Lyme using many various methods and I leaned a lot along the way. It took me about seven years to regain my previous energy and healthy state of being. Out of this long journey, my passion for all things relating to natural wellness was born. And I'm so thankful for all of the things I've learned. My mission is to help anyone I can to learn and grow on their journey to wellness

I started Little Bean Naturals when my daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild. The name “Little Bean” came about when my daughter didn’t know the gender of her son yet, so they called him ‘Little Bean’. She was planning a Home birth and I wanted to make her Post Partum Herbal Bath. This was when the idea was born to start our business! I have made herbal and essential oil products for years, always making stuff for our friends and family. Everyone loved the products and said I should sell them. It's been a family passion ever since. We are all involved and passionate about the products and more importantly, our customers.

Our products are all made in small batches using only top quality ingredients. It is our desire to offer nothing but the best and each item is made as if it's for our family and friends . We consider you, as a customer, to be valued like a family member or friend. All of our products are animal cruelty free, all natural and used by us first!